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 Microcontroller's and Microprocessors History

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PostSubject: Microcontroller's and Microprocessors History   Wed 16 Mar 2011, 7:23 am

Microcontroller's and Microprocessors History

In 1969 he traveled a team of Japanese engineers from the company BUSICOM to America at the invitation
From INTEL Corporation, where she asked them some integrated circuits for calculators.
Among this team engineer named Marcian Hoff has developed a new proposal is the need to find
Alternative solutions for integrated circuits where they are stored for the programs used.

This was the proposal requires more memory modules in a project on the Japanese company
Design of integrated circuits which will be more complicated in this proposal.

But with the time it was thought in the first microcontrollers and Marcian Hoff started as an idea in the implementation
To achieve this idea by Frederico Faggin help of Intel Corporation in the production of the first
Microcontrollers and got the right to sell in 1971, but after buying a license from the company
Without learning that they have this treasure

Frederico Faggin
His first experience of microcontrollers

This year, most companies realized the importance of this invention is strange to change the future
Integrated circuits, led by Motorola, where she produced the 6820 and 6850.
In 1975 announced The MOS Technology 6501 microprocessor and the 6502 B-25
And also the engineer Frederico Faggin to leave work with the company INTEL and the formation of his own
Zilog Inc In 1976, announced the Micro Z80

Hence by Frederico Faggin add compatibility with Almikrobersissour 8080 to Z80
Where the implementation of programs written specifically for 8080.

With the increased memory capacity has also added RAM RAM, therefore, achieved success Z80
Successful in that time.

As a result of this, Intel developed the 8080 to 8085, but did not hold well before the Z80.
During this year appeared on the market Maekerobrosissour

At this time demanded that the American company CTC companies INTEL and Texas Instruments work
Mikrobersissour 8-BIT
In 1972 appeared the first Maekerobrosissour 8-BIT in the market under thename 8008 and contained the
16KB memory and the price was about $ 360.
Where attention was at that time to develop programs for 8080

And after several companies to develop that treasure and production of many Almicrockntrulat
Fdart her enormous.


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Microcontroller's and Microprocessors History
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