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  Maintenance principles

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Maintenance principles   Thu 17 Mar 2011, 9:40 pm

Maintenance principles

Electronic engineering, many .. It is difficult for one person to master all Oksmha.
But if we look at any person who holds a degree in electronic engineering .. The first thing
Comes to mind by the most people is the ability of that person on the maintenance of devices
Electronic .. Because of its importance ..
And prevalence for them.

Some important principles for maintenance:

(Alermott control, for example) .. Or do you Tusilatk sound of the device .. Or any external cause.

1 - The first of these principles and the most important .. You might ask yourself .. Do you have to open the lid of the device ..
Or is it that holidays can be fixed without resorting to this step .. For example .. Can be
Problem in the power source .. Or do you follow a wrong way to run .. Or battery

2 - not fear .. And trust that you are able to maintain the device .. Or at least not more than holidays

3 - Before you start testing the circuit elements .. First, consider only scans the circuit .. Most
Faults can be detected this way .. If there are bad elements .. or perhaps break in
Painting auction, for example ..

4 - Use as much as possible of any brochures or maps of the device .. Of course, with an experience can

5 - Do not tamper with the original circuit .. Changing the values ​​of resistors such as a change, files,
Variable capacitors because they are controlled with special devices by the manufacturer ..

Or you can search for schemes in the Department of Technical

6 - the availability of your workshop and home some catalogs from the elements and electronic charts
"Electronic Data Sheet

.. Feeder small dc ..
Some screwdrivers and conclusive wires ..

7 - must be available to you ..

.. With experience and knowledge .. And can easily and safely without fear of dealing with
These devices
Of course .. Do not forget safety .. Before the examination of any device you should expel him from the source
Nutrition .. And intensive attention to the shipments, even after separation of the electricity department


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Maintenance principles
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