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 Processing of caustic to work

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PostSubject: Processing of caustic to work   Fri 18 Mar 2011, 8:27 am

Processing of caustic to work

The use of caustic for the first time

(You must always read and follow the
User devices)

Behavioral objectives

1 - determine the voltage that runs it
2 - to be placed in the caustic base
3 - Check the integrity of the extension cord
Caustic voltage electrical
4 - determine the direction of development of caustic
5 - Verification of the hottest caustic
6 - to determine how clear the top of caustic
7 - the implementation of the terms of the survey instrument sponge or cotton rag

Steps performing

1 - Ensure the compatibility of the source voltage
Effort with caustic

2 - Place the caustic on the stand (base) of its permanent

3 - Mark caustic base is far from
Anything, whether combustible or

4 - Mark caustic with al Qaeda in
The direction of the right hand and left-handed towards the left hand.

5 - Make sure the extension cord caustic
Voltage electric healthy and not
Burned or torn apart, not included in the
Pregnant caustic.

6 - After that you can connect a caustic
Voltage of electricity and will come out
Caustic smell of burning and escalate
It fumes not have to worry
(If it conducts the first time, effort
Caustic at the top and let him
Melt (hot caustic completely)

7 - Dip the top of caustic in Filks
So start Filks evaporation (the beginning of the hottest caustic) and add the
Large quantities of welding wire

8 - Disconnect the caustic of the voltage
While maintaining the presence of tin
Him and let him cool down

9 - reconnect the caustic effort
Electrical and repeat again
Steps 6 and 7 and 8

10 - wet sponge (sold with the base
Caustic) with water and clean the head
Caustic by anointed
Sponge several times. Use
Cotton rag if there is no

11 - Asr few tin (wire
Welding) at the head until the caustic
A white head and bright and polished

12 - Start using caustic then
Unplug the voltage at
Completion of use or when
No need to use the
More than half an hour.

Grounding caustic

All Irons welding Mordp
(Except the cheap) to do:
First: to protect the user from
Electric shock in the event of a short
Indoor with that it is considered
Impossible unless the open
Caustic from the inside and close
An ugly way.
Secondly: to protect the pieces
Electronic any shipments or
Efforts may be generated on the body


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Processing of caustic to work
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