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PostSubject: ETCHING PCBs   Fri 18 Mar 2011, 9:06 am

Created a simple device
For the manufacture of printed circuit

Today we will try together to build a special device to dig
Printed circuit (remove the copper plate by acid).
Before I begin to explain my way here I wish to make noticeable I would imagine they are important. Content
This Almlouhza that these devices are usually produced artificially expensive,Vor_khasha
At least the price of 100 euros and advanced amateur equipment a little of not less than prices for
300 euros, and the latter I have one a long time ago, but its major drawback
Like the rest of these devices because of its basin acidification requires 2.5liters of acid dissolved.
This, in my opinion, is excessive and excessive extravagance and add to thepollution of the environment (and budget
Finance) with chemicals to Anstgl them in the end more than 3 to 4% of the
Total effectiveness.
And noticed these differences must be high to start the practical steps
And illustrations to build this device. As always your return will be my brothers
Illustration supported by pictures, the picture is sometimes more eloquent than many words, and this time
Also Stsahbna picture step by step.


The story in full you transparent plastic panels by an electric saw is installed
On a base and the dimensions of these pieces are as follows:
- two pieces 20X 15 cm, thickness 5 mm
- two pieces 15X 1 cm, thickness 10 mm
- One piece 20X 6 cm
Image blocks and five-dimensional approximation have also put the ruler on the left

Here I ask the brothers who have neither the possibility of publishing electrical not despair,
And because the ownership of this hobby and widgets are not widespread in our country a lot, especially because of
Physical conditions. I call upon our brothers here to continue reading because I simply thought also
Under the guidance of God Almighty to the difficulty of this possibility and have found many with the help of
God's solution. And also for the required materials or rather transparent plastic sheets, and God willing, I have here the solutions, not problems.
Let us continue here at least explain Magmt I work and then explain the other cases.
Items above must be glued together so that we have made ​​in the end and put the pot
The acids. Of course, too many stickers and available types and uses no
I have a statistic, but one of these stickers to Ainf never, namely,
Adhesive Ripper. The reason is very simple because the surfaces of this kind needs perfectly round shape
This is available to us whatever the mode of cutting boards.
For me, you have made the pieces stick to each other by a silicon material
Transparent material (including, of course, there are many colors) Here are the pictures from its packaging and shape

As you can see in the picture above the nature of the silicon device and also marked with a simple device
Pay-called ejector (gun tamimi traded) and we put the cartridge (sorry did not
I have in mind any other expression, and I think that a trader in Arabic and the concept of intent) and press the
Pitcher Alsellimon article come out of the cone of flour.
Where is this stuff and where can we buy?
Of course I can not put addresses of shops in the Arab world and countries of the WAN,
I am far from the hometown very long ago. But I am quite sure that he is
Shops in the building materials and spread throughout the whole world including the Arab world. This
Silicon is used to fill cracks and plentiful holes in the bathrooms, either new or
Old and prevents leakage of fluid through them and this continued for ease of dealing with him, but he
Anti-bacteria that accumulate in wet places. This is why the first
I use me, we are here dealing with liquids and a container of liquids must be such that
Court shall be 100% Berkshire Hathaway, and this silicon.
The second reason that binds many different materials to each other (needs to be on
You almost any patient) and is governed by leakage at the same time.
The third reason is that it keeps some flexibility in the regressive parts bundled with
Each other, which reduces the risk of separation of parts from each other in the event of shocks
Mechanical or the fact or the like, of course, even a certain extent.
The fourth reason now to leave the explanation that particular exceptional circumstances.
Of course you can use stickers to each other depending on the appreciation, but when you explain the circumstances
The exceptional, God willing, you will see why I preferred this article from the others.
The image below shows the required amount of silicon to attach the pieces together
As you can see some of it is a relatively large amount. When you put the pieces together to make it should not be
Pressing it a lot, by attaching any of the pieces that have the silicone
Must be observed to keep the thin layer of oil between the pieces and the rest will see it has been
Pressure to the outer edges and this is deliberate, but is also required

This excess amount must be settled slowed finger after we have a little Gamsnah
Of liquid soap mixed with water (to prevent the paste on the finger) so that the increase in this
Case of the capacity of the container in the provisions on the liquid and do not leak anything and it is
Below show intended.

As is clear from the image above I did not paste the pieces along the side completely
Front and rear, but left a distance of about 3 mm and they were settled plus silicon
With the parties to increase the sealing ability and mechanical endurance.
And so forth continue to stick the pieces together to get the final form
Which is as follows

Adhesive and sealing by silicon even after it dries or it is in his sticky,
You can fix and add, edit, cut and scratch plus What is the need for, any material that
We can deal with it in all cases, even after years you can debug and shear
And the addendum and even break the pieces apart without causing damage.

For silicon in the sticky situation before the drought when it exits the cartridge smell
Acetic acid smell is not nice at all.

So far we only manufacture and assembly, and a bowl of plastic strips no more, no
Less, how can we make it a device for developing a printed circuit and as I already claimed that
Will be similar to professional equipment?

Here we must know that the professional bodies of other elements, especially the
Launch device for the supply of liquid Baloksegin through minute air bubbles moving
From the bottom up within the liquid acid.
(Another important element is a device to raise the temperature of the liquid to a certain degree but we will not
We use it here because we will simply put the hot water inside, and we dug We do not
More than one panel at intervals)
These air bubbles that increase the effectiveness of drilling and the removal of copper and make
Parties to the distribution lines on the copper plate is very sharp. So we need this device
So that we can complete the work and the claim that our system is the quality and high performance. This device
Is the air pump, located in stores that sell pet fish. Of course without a
Generation of air bubbles that we can dig Shops paintings for beginners and even
Applicants in this area, all We only work in this case is to move the plate
From time to time within the solution in the vessel so that the process is done.
I thought a lot to do this the device from the engine (motor) battery-operated, but
Identify, collect and pay the necessary air already high manual dexterity may only Ataatovr
Of a few people and this is contrary to the nature of my thinking to simplify technical matters if he wishes
God on the day out to a simple way under the guidance of God Almighty Vsonscherha after Emile
To think that any novice is capable of application.

Now, go back to the air bubbles ...
... We all remember the fish ponds and ornamental, at least, even if everyone saw on television
Through the film or series. In this beautiful fish swimming ponds and small flow to
Wonderful in the water, this fish could not life in the basin for more than two days unless
Let's change the old water, and the reason is the entry into force of oxygen dissolved in water,
So you always find a generation of air connected to the pelvis through a plastic tube
Lin (hose) and connected at the end of a piece of rectangular or square stone color normal
Coarse texture oblique to the color gray, or perhaps other colors and dunked at the bottom of
Pelvis. Of this stone out air bubbles day and night to provide water Baloksegin
Necessary and to compensate the consumer than by fish, which, of course, breathe the air
Dissolved by the gills.
And the nature of the device design with a thickness of no more than internal than 1 cm, as reported to raise the efficiency
In the use of acids, I did not find a stone sand (this is a translation of the name of the language
German, I find it appropriate) to these dimensions, even in this country, which almost
Managd What we need to all things tech.
The fact that I did not intend to use in this area even if his grandmother, who is here because
Not a measure of the other areas first, and secondly to the possibility of replacing it with a lot of things
And available in abundance around us and Atklv anything. And thirdly because I am obsessed with re-use
Raw materials into a garbage Ataathll and lead to resource degradation.
Here I shall put some of the alternatives that came to my mind, of course with the help and experience.

Experiment No. 1

Here I did not add anything, and all what I did is that I closed the end of the tube
PVC soft (Khartoum) and can be done by pasting the end of a strong adhesive (supernatural)
Or filled with a rubber or the like, (and then you make some holes by a needle
Schentha the fire and entered in the tube, making it melt it by diameter.
Holes, of course, one party usually enough 4-6 holes and holes abounded if not
Out of the holes at the end of the tube and any air bubbles become a Make
Them. (Depending on the strength of the above-mentioned pump aerobic)

Explain how the suffix is ​​1, and give us a rough picture of the air pump
Landing and use it here with an apology for it provided the service since
More than 30 years.
Image device fully with the pump and have holes in Khartoum and the truth has surprised me
More effective than Khan in my mind

Experiment No. 2

Here used a pen Fine Liner with a thin line, which ended, of course, its validity
Of his book. This type is present in nearly all the world and is used dailystarting from
Schools to offices and government departments. Usually, whenimplemented this ink pens
We'll push it in the trash, and unless I'm doing this at this time because thispen
Sizes accidently suitable for plastic tube (Khartoum).
Here is a pen ending the power you used for this purpose

Now that emptied the pen of the interior and its contents washed with little water
To remove the ink residue suspended (which was another color) and you also see the work of eight
Holes are normally not obliged to take only 5 to 6 holes as indicated by the few, in addition to that
I make also holes in the lid, which can of course use it for this purpose or
Of the device small, which did not point to it so far and I will put a picture with him at the end of

Image of the device with the pen cap and you can see yourself driving force air through the water
This cover small

Here is a picture with the pen device holes, which we use to pay Konpop antenna
The judge also for yourselves

Experiment No. 3

... I still think the fact that in the sandstone, which I can not and will not Admh to
Effectiveness of the device. But what is this sandstone?
It is nothing more than a minute soft sand compressed together in a metal mold with some stickers
Where the dry adhesive combines pressure and grains of sand, and take the form template, which is the
Under little pressure mechanical.
If What prevents us from use of other words? Valrml, thank God, is located on
Full Milesmna all the earth's crust is a bunch of clean sand, or sand of the sea
Washed well or pure sand desert in the worst case we collect some sand from any
Zaoppe and we wash, it is important that the grains are soft.
This idea came to my mind and soon Mazhpt adjacent to the park with a view to taking a handful
Of sand and I returned home and began I check in the sand that was washed clean and
Semi-permanent because of rain in the summer of this country. To make sure my idea looked at him
Under a magnifying glass and was, as I believe in the sand of the sea completely different Bhabibath
Colors and net. Here are quick to the work of a small bag of plain Vmac (in the case
Qsstha of this shirt is) and you Bkhiatth so that was a length of about 8 cm and width
Slightly more than 1 cm, and then filled with sand by a paper cone (Suppression) and you cut
About 4 cm from the pen and used the above-mentioned Konpop arrived (pipe colloquially)
Between Khartoum and the plastic bag of sand and I connected insulated electrical exhibits and of course
Benefit to link any type of the yarn. The truth was air bubbles in a very
Precision so that the digital camera can not record as you can see in the picture
Subsequent and their effectiveness have liked very

Here, I go back to those who have neither the possibility of deploying plastic panels
Electrically or even access it and who Katabthm at the beginning of the subject and requested
Them not to despair.
Here we can use ordinary glass (glass windows) and any thickness available see
Or we have around us, and we can always buy the selected dimensions.
If our means settled on the glass In this case, whether or Musharia Qssnah
Ourselves must be striation edges because it is actually dangerous. For this purpose we use any
Piece of stone and we Bimrarha Parties gently until notching and decreasing the risk of wound
After that we collect glass pieces the same way by silicon
Which in this case the only material (at least as available and process) which
Which we can stick and tighten the glass components of this device. This is why
IV, which I indicated that I will come back to it later, which made me I do not see Silicon
Alternative to deal with this device.
From the previous device you make two different two sizes, one former and the second
Relatively small, a very sufficient in most cases, even to the plate dimensions 10x7 cm and rarely
Eidal amateur production of images printed larger than the dimensions of this, and here I speak for
Experience of a few tens of years in this hobby charming.
For clarification you picture the two devices together

I have finished this explanation of synthetic aspects of this device, but howwe will
Painting it?

Of course can be dropped inside with the liquid and wait until the excavationand then cast
Fluid and Nkrjha Ngzlea and water or by something that we attach so as to be Assistant
In the center of the device and this is what I prefer at least to me and I will outline the following picture of
Through the device been used small piece of the finished device is only tobring

Point of view, and you picture

As the image shows the paper has used synaptic present on the base of thesmall
Bcecchelhm you manually and suspended plate by them in the device.
There is something I did not say yet, this simple device is the same as we use it will
For developing light-sensitive plates (photography darkroom) and withoutany additions.
And those who read the previous threads making printed circuit manually, Isee
I indicated that I will, God willing, will publish later a method of producingprinted circuit
By ultraviolet Alnevsjih (of course for amateurs and novices their resources
Simple), which after printing must be regular acidification such as imagesphotographed by
This device


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