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  Electricity Power sources

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PostSubject: Electricity Power sources   Wed 17 Nov 2010, 1:24 pm

Electricity Power sources

Some sources of electrical power

Simple column

Composed of two panels, one of copper and the other of zinc, immersed in a container filled with sulfuric acid diluted (the acid used in car batteries, and not pure water) and a slab of copper anode and a plate of zinc cathode of the driving force behind this column is 1.2 volts

Daniel column

Composed of the vase copper deep saturated copper sulfate and found on the inner wall of this vessel, the copper rack placed upon the amount of crystals of copper sulphate to be in contact with the solution is always in order to maintain the solution saturated for the duration of operation of the column and placed inside the pot copper pot porous ceramic filled with sulfuric acid Diluted acid and immersed in a leg of zinc and a copper pot outside the anode is approximately equal to the column and a voltage unit effort
Use this source of energy in the telephone centers and military units

Dry column

Is composed of a vessel of zinc are placed inside a paste of salt of ammonia, flour, plaster, to keep the dough soft and porous for the duration of the work of the column in the center of the dough is placed vase of paper or gauze in the middle leg carbon around a mixture of coal powder and carbon dioxide Almngenis The way the carbon anode of the column and a pot Zinc cathode has

Atomic Battery

Composed of balls and cans Mgeofftin one inside the other and the space between them had been released from the completely air and placed in the Joint Center for twice the amount of radioactive compounds, which we call electrons to the inner surface of the ball interior Vttjma them and cause formation electric charge negative affect on the ball outside and be another shipment is positive and can be obtained Which amounts to a small electric But despite these small quantities, but it can use the battery for a long time up to a few hundreds of years without being emptied

Solar batteries (solar cells)
Composed of a group of small units each of which are: a piece of iron deposited by the layer of selenium positive (may be adopted other materials), which added to the amount of component Albroon and deposition over this layer another layer of selenium negative, which add to the limited amount of arsenic
When you offer these units to the light of the sun formed and the amount of electrical charge that runs from the plate of iron to the outer layer of a selenium negative becomes a pole iron positive and selenium negative pole negative and store energy generated in the batteries and can be this kind of batteries are in remote areas of energy supply

Wind Energy

Has been the exploitation of this energy Iastamal old Noria (water wheel) to extract water from wells and distributed through channels and was recently considered this energy as an alternative fuel with the advantage of an individual as a source of safe and does not pollute the environment


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Electricity Power sources
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