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 Security and safety precautions when using caustic welding

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Security and safety precautions when using caustic welding   Fri 18 Mar 2011, 5:59 pm

Security and safety precautions when using caustic welding

Periodic maintenance of the caustic
Isr tin on top of caustic and after that
Tin spreads to parts of the disconnect voltage.
Sign on a daily basis on top of melted tin
Caustic at the lowest temperature there is no need to separate the effortwith him.
You need to do is clean the parts of the caustic
League every week.
The detailed shape of the parts of caustic to be dismantled
A week for cleaning or to change the damaged pieces and can learn the names of parts of the
Sign in Filks caustic dip (if
Caustic of the type of station so let the heat to a minimum) and let himwarm until the Filks

1 -
Remove the nut

2 -
Remove the tube carry and protect your head

3 -
Remove the head

4 -
Remove the nobility
NIPPLE (and noble function of the heater to maintain
Over-expansion) is important and quality

5 - Clean these parts and replace the caustic

Should not be pressure on the caustic, because that will
Lead to the break up between the nobility and the wires connecting theheater voltage, control, and is usually in the
The user's hand.
If you are generous and want to loan promised
It is not preparing your purchased several other loan.
When you take the necessary precautions to maintain the
Caustic remains to be do not let it fall on the ground

Did you know:
The caustic old good start
Default in the day on which it is located on the ground if periodicmaintenance was permanently

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Security and safety precautions when using caustic welding
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