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 Caustic cleaning head

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Caustic cleaning head   Fri 18 Mar 2011, 6:52 pm

Caustic cleaning head

May never use a sharp or jagged
(Birdak) to clean the head at all caustic. But use a damp sponge and water.
With the exception of headers and made ​​homogeneous
Of iron or copper alloy or of what could not be cleaned and sponge can be waived and try to
Albirdak to use some of the rub in the oxidation on the body surface of the head and of course the caustic will lose
Part of the body. Usually these headers in favor of cheap and used for professionals.
There is a special sponge to clean the top and place of caustic
Special to him at the base and wet sponge with water according to the following condition: If your hand is not filed
Freaking, including water and seemed to dry if we add water. But do not make the sponge in the sink
Water because the damage to the head of caustic where the excess water will cool the sudden
Caustic to the head resulting in damage to the head after a short period as a result of expansion and contraction of others
As expected in case of lack of water, the sponge is that damaged the top of caustic and difficult to Fitsch
Clean it. If you can not get a piece of sponge can be used instead of cotton cloth
The same conditions as moistening

Notice the head on the left dirty and clean the

How do you know that the caustic is ready to work?

Why does not recommend using sanding paper
(Birdak) in the caustic cleaning?
Why must be always in the caustic

When caustic Itsch head?

By Day
I remember other causes bleaching of copper wire
1 -
Non-fusion welding wire
2 -
Caustic left unplugged for a long time effort
Without the use of electric
4 -
The use of caustic for illegal acts such as
Tampered with burning wood or plastic ... etc.
3 -
Excessive use of the maximum temperature of the caustic

Behavioral objectives:

1 - head cleaning by caustic

2 - Cleaning Copper and equipped to work

3 - whitening copper wire

Tools and equipment used:

With caustic base + wet sponge
+30 cm of copper wire used in solid yellow
Loose electrical wiring is not insulation +

Flex + Knife Split
+ pliers Booz
High + Wire Cutter

Photos of some of the tools used

Long Nose Pliers



The needs of security and safety:

Not to inhale fumes
Rising from the caustic
Do not throw caustic on the table
Never again though
Rag and not drip water
The direction of the knife cut out of the body
Welded wire fixed and doomed
It is not a free movement

Steps performing

Clean Workbench
- Place the caustic in its base and then link
Voltage electrical
Put on top of a little caustic
Filks When evaporation begins
Add the welding wire and make sure
That bright white

- Use the wet sponge
Water to clean the head and prepared smelting
Tin on top of caustic

Inventory length of 10 cm from the wire
Copper using Almnctr
(knife), where to make a knife
Almnctr leaning on the wire
Angle of 20 degrees even cut
Plastic is in place to make it
Angle of 5 degrees and only withdraw
The knife to the length of the wire

Mark is always the direction of movement
The knife away from your body

Use Pliers and cutter in
Stripping the wire if I was afraid of

Dip the end of the wire in the copper
Filks then Filks Asr (the
Wire) using caustic

Place the caustic at the tip of the wire until
Starts Filks evaporation and then
Add welding wire between the caustic
And copper wire directly and then drag
Wire welding with the survival of caustic

Let the tin melts on the wire
Are proportioned and then drag the caustic

Place the wire on the workbench
Pliers and blink on and complete the
Whitening full wire (10 cm) so that
Make caustic flowing touching
Of the wire and melted tin and move
Slowly enough for the spread of tin
The parts of the wire

Do not try to return Balkkawi
Back and lower tin Add
New with the continuation of contact with
Caustic of the wire
When the color of copper wire
White without any protrusions, if
I thought you just threw on the table
Wire from the other metal

Here is the

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Caustic cleaning head
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