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  Soldering iron

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PostSubject: Soldering iron     Soldering iron I_icon_minitimeFri 18 Mar 2011, 10:07 pm

Soldering iron

  Soldering iron Soldri10

It is used to raise the temperature of the elements of the welding wire melting welding ..
Caustic is the ideal, which can change the temperature to be between
Border 200 and 480 and which has a white top and a bright polished copper layer line theinternal problem of the body and head that are caustic
Collectively coated heater caustic.

Irons types of welding

Caustic and the ability of one
Caustic Iqdrtin
Caustic variable capacity

Caustic and the ability of one (finger)

One of the simplest species, depend
Temperature on the value of capacity
W Valkkawi with the appropriate capacity
25W high temperature up to 250.
The amount of heat associated to a certain extent
With a large capacity Valkkawi
Raises the temperature to about 300

Where uses of caustic
20W to 30W
Welding Semiconductors
And resistors
And caustic 30W
To 40W
Used in welding the parties more
Thicker as parties adapter lighting
The key
off / no
The caustic of
40W to
60W is used to decode and welding of dispersants
Bigger watt not better

There Kkawiat finger in two newly

1 - heater wire thermal
2 - ceramic heater

Heater wire thermal

  Soldering iron Soldri11

Make the head of the caustic of
Copper alloy or similar
And be coherent and solid from the inside
Where it enters the head in the heater
Noted here that part of the
Heat is lost to the outside

Ceramic heater

  Soldering iron Soldri12

It is preferable to exploit the good
Heat and longer life of the heater
Addresses the top of this caustic ways
Becomes certain of a copper
Home and an alloy of copper
And silver from the outside (non-point source
Completely reliable) and rub the head
Destroy them with metal

Caustic Bakdrtin:

  Soldering iron Soldri13

Caustic in the form of a pistol or a finger and
Contains a button to change the ability
And be in the normal operating mode
(Without pressure KaBsEh) on the ability of
20W or by design. Given
To exploit the good energy (Note
That caustic finger into the head
The heater in this caustic
Enters the heater in the head), it
Raises the temperature up to 250 when
The operating voltage
But when you press it KaBsEh
Turns to work on the ability of
Or by design unfurled heat
Even more than 450 and prevents the pressure
This KaBsEh for more than thirty
Seconds and a maximum recommended pressure
KaBsEh in only two cases:

When you start operating until it reaches
The initial maximum temperature of 250

When welding large objects lead
To a large dispersion in the heat
In this case, press KaBsEh
Which is in contact with the body with a wire
Welding until the tin
To melt and then raise the hand from the
KaBsEh and complement the welding operations.

Care should be taken completely over-
The ability to use the button
High so as not to get used presser
That is, on the rise
Higher temperature will
Lead to the expansion and the large size of the head
That encases the heater resulting
To the existence of space between them comprise
Insulating oxide layer with the passage of
Time becomes the interface between
Heater and the head is not good
Can secure the caustic temperature
Without the appropriate pressure KaBsEh
Repeatedly and it becomes caustic

Caustic variable capacity

  Soldering iron Soldri10

One of the best species
In addition to serving the technical
Provided in the energy where it
Consumes more energy
When you raise the temperature up to 450
The limits of the heat
The world has consumed 200
Then the energy of about
20W with the control panel that
Contains caustic and works
Caustic on the heater this effort
Normally and is controlled in
Temperature through the panel
Electronics contain Trellak.
The major feeding
The caustic will be on effort
Is added next to the heater of this caustic
Temperature sensor to control the testing
Temperature limit selection
The user.

The heads of caustic

There are several types of capital
Irons as needed
1 - tubular cone spire
Similar to a pencil
2 - tubular cone flat
Similar to the normal head screwdriver (-)

Cape tubular Cone
The spire

  Soldering iron Kote_910

Which is similar to a pencil head
Different sizes and there is a relationship
Usually between the head and the capacity of
Caustic and thickness of the welding wire
It all depends on the size of the pieces
If the slot head 15 degrees
(Measured) Venstkhaddm with wire
And its caustic
20W / 15W
And is used for welding the finer points
Mtalat for regular and complex
The head aperture 20 °
(Measured) is used with the wire
Welding thickness
And caustic
And is used for welding most of the pieces
Used in radio
And television.

Headers women with larger openings
Not suitable for welding radio
The TV only in a limited
Very like some of the points Chassis
Fortified with iron ... .. etc..
And of course the necessary caustic higher capacity.

Cape tubular Cone

And very similar to the head screwdriver
Normal (-) and all standards

This type used to Say
Profession in spite of the possibility of
Exploitation of high energy (not
Absorbed by the material heat welded
Quickly because of the large relative
The size of the head)

Buy caustic

You should always buy the best
Available because the number of kit
Good serve you for years to forget
Which you paid by the eighth
High not to mention the fun in
Use the number they provided good
Of mastery and ease of work that
As long as you use improvement
It carries out regular maintenance
Necessary. So Buy a caustic of
The place is known as an agent approved for classified
This caustic. Cut so as to ensure
Parts suitable periodically
Whenever necessary.
The first can buy
Caustic finger


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Soldering iron
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