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 Explanation of digital circuits

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PostSubject: Explanation of digital circuits   Tue 22 Mar 2011, 7:35 am

Explanation of digital circuits


Analog world, and everything around us is changing and there is no way that analog is one thing
Numeric. Digitally in order to deal with anything you must first transform the image of natural
Him to express any digital image of the values ​​instead of changing numbers and a corresponding effort
Anaaljh digital circuit - often more complex than similar services in the manner
Traditional - and then return them again to analog image.
Thus you find that the analogue applications easier and clearer, but there is a persistence to move to the digital world! Why?

The emergence of multi-oscillator - even in the days of valves - to make easier access to the memory of
Methods of the former and this was called to walk in the way of digital and
Moving world of treatment of treatment Dramatic limited to the digital world

we take the world such as audio, for example, make the sound going on
around you is a function in a time of arrival of the ear and the left
and right function in the volume also
Achieve different level of sound is easy but the delay was the tone for other major problem
Analogue in the world because it depends on the resistance and condenser and this proportion of the delay
Depends on the frequency that you delay any wave frequency of 200 m / s for what Valmujp
By frequency 400 m / s will be delayed a time of less distorted sound, because what makes us know that
The voice of the violin and the voice of Nye is the amount of harmonics associated with each
(Harmonics are weak, and double and three times the original frequency, etc ... any
2 × T, 3 × v, 4 × v, 5 × T, etc.)
Delay sound was also used to generate the echo and resonance and to achieve the
Technical resort to mechanical methods to pass a complex sound in objects (spring -
Whispers) to hesitate which generates ringing and the echo must be recorded on tape and
Read it several times
As for the pictures not much wrong example, the cartoons draw a picture in
Then imagine which takes considerable time and effort but now it is enough to draw a personal and
Program-driven, mind what gadgets and measurement requirements and processing, etc.?
it possible to measure the effect of braking on each frame and
automatically adjust them so as not to slip into the car and spin around
Did you know that the jumbo jet, for example by more than 3 computers are led?
The way digital is inevitable, it is only capable of analysis - extraction - and treatment work in real-time also Real Time

you would like to say to someone in the building opposite to what you
have is five, then you want to transfer information "Five" has
Convey a representative put five volts on a pair of wires - this method is easy and comfortable
But the problem is that our friend in the opposite building a lot of doubts and will not rest before
Do you make sure what is actually measured by five or more and the lack of in some way? How
Decreased as well??
So we turned to another method
First, we agree how we will use the Volt and not, for example c
If more than the middle we will consider that there is a c-volt full
If less than the middle we will consider as zero volts
And in the other end of the line - there is either the lamp is lit or turned off

Well we solved the problem of uncertainty and we have signed in the problem of how to say five or any number
The solution is simple, we use more than wire - how? Thus
We also use the 1-2-2-5 system scales to ride them any weight we need from zero to 9
Only four units we'll use here to be four lines of sixteen number
The first line is either zero or one - and it will be the second line = 2 if no lamp is lighted II = 2
If the two light a total of 2 +1 = 3 So, the third = 4
And collection of lamps can be configured up to 4 +2 +1 = 7 and thus the fourth = 8
And combining we get to 15, more than the potential value of the balance (10)
Of course, it will be the fifth 16 and sixth 32 and seventh 64 each and any one or twice the previous 2 ×
Precedent for this, and because each line has only two values ​​zero and one called the binary system
Binary System

A = 10, B = 11, C = 12, D = 13, E = 14, F = 15

Really?? What time is it now? And Do you have 45 minutes to complete?
And why was this response is a simple and easy, notes that the pain of seconds is from zero to 59 and then
It is also minutes from zero to 59 and then
Hours? Is 12 hours or 24?
That was 12 where there is no zero and starts counting from 1 to 12 and am / pm
The Valad was 24 from zero to 23 where there is no am / pm then
Today! Prepare two systems together
Every seven days the names of the week (a - Mon Tue etc)
And with a very simple system easy! - Either 28 or 29 or 30 or 31 depending on the month number and whether a simple or a leap year
Now tell me from zero to 15 a complex system?
Before we finish this talk do not forget that if we say we are only three tracks
Allow us to count from zero to seven of any eight numbers so named Balosmany Octal but
No longer used frequently now because computers have taken the unit is Alhecsa and for reasons

It is not easy to express verbally the numbers so long to collect all four numbers
Together which, as stated above from zero to 15 Sixteen any number of so called system of six decimals or
Hiksa or Hexadecimal
Now we start in this complex system is ridiculous!!!
know from the numbers from zero to 9, and therefore Ahtajna to add six
new forms and easier to choose the characters they are accustomed to at

So what is a digital method in any case


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Explanation of digital circuits
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