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 Transmission circuit using Frequency modulation

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amr mohamed

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PostSubject: Transmission circuit using Frequency modulation   Wed 06 Apr 2011, 4:10 pm

Transmission circuit using Frequency modulation

It consists of

1 - uniform
LED light radiation models
SE43522-transistor amplifier capacity model 2N2222
3 - 2N3904 transistor amplifier effort
4 - Department
Integrative work Kmzbzb 566
To modify the carrier frequency
Is modified to change the frequency
A carrier frequency signal resulting from the oscillator to change depending on the volume orintensity
to be sent

Receive the modified optical frequency

Transistor works
Q1 IR receiver
Sending and working transistor Q2
Effort like a microphone, works transistor Q3
The ability of like a microphone, works transistor Q4
Parameter, and the common work Asalkoni IN4148
Reagent, and the file works and 10mH
Almktvan 100u and
30u candidate to book a high frequency
Unwanted frequencies and pass the audio only. The transistor
Q5 It is a key
Silicon is composed of four layers is similar to the common Asalkoni row and call it
Terminology (SUS).
The extent of the short circuit is
Several meters, can be used as a generator phone tones (DTMF
) in the Department of the sender and the analyst tones (DTMF
) In the future and become our Remote Control controls 16


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Transmission circuit using Frequency modulation
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