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PostSubject: Integrated 4520    Integrated 4520 I_icon_minitimeWed 23 Mar 2011, 8:05 pm


4520 is the integrated counter is counting from 0 to 15 bilateral system
Integrated by the enumerators separate part of his limbs in the right part of the limbs and in the north
Can be used to counter and leave the second Monday and can be used together

 Integrated 4520 Untitl16

As is clear from the drawing consists of the counter:

Age 1

Entrance impulses and works through the waves,
With each rise of the wave (positive voltage) is increased and one on the exits and the number of Age
In the first counter 1 and counter in the second nine

Age 2

Activation of the entrance of pulses, in order to respond
Counter for the waves that enter him must be a positive effort Age and if it becomes negative
Will be waves or impulses that enter the meter such as non-existence of any that Setjahlha
In age at the end works as a key to separate the first and Age Age is the No. 2 in the counter
I and 10 in the second counter

Years from 3 to 6

Years are the exits to escape count
When the bilateral system of integrated work began through the development of nutrition by the
The exits with the number zero and started counting from the entrance is through a growing number of pulses
By one with each rise of the pulse

Age 7

This age to work reset the meter, when
The application of a positive effort on the tooth is directed by the number zero to four exits, regardless
Of their number who was a pre-existing
Should be applied to this input negative voltage to operate in a stable integrated

Age 8

Age of negative voltage to feed

Age 16

Age of positive potential for nutrition and feeding of 3 to 15 volts

Remains a point of order bilateral system
Bilateral system is to transfer data through a language understood by computers or hardware
E in general and electronic devices do not understand the positive and not negative
Or 1 and zero

This table shows the number in decimal (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) and the corresponding rules of binary (0 and 1)

 Integrated 4520 Qariya15

Integrated 4518

4520 The integrated counting from zero to 15
4518 The integrated counting from zero to 9
And there is not any difference between the Integrated is the only difference


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Integrated 4520
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